2022/2023 Masthead

Rachel DeGasperis, Co-Editor
Rachel edits our stories and oversees the production of The Otter. She works as an associate producer at CBC’s Cross Country Checkup, and helps produce On the Frontlines of Democracy, an upcoming TMU podcast. She is also the research assistant for TMU’s Journalism Research Centre. Previously, she has interned at The Big Story. Rachel is interested in writing stories about politics, the criminal justice system, and feminism. You can reach her at rachel.degasperis@torontomu.ca.

Maddy Mahoney, Co-Editor
Maddy edits our stories and oversees the production of The Otter. She is a freelance journalist whose work can be found at Toronto Life, Xtra Magazine, CBC Arts, and others. She was formerly an Editorial Intern at Maisonneuve magazine and the Web Editor for CJRU 1280AM. She’s interested in long-form features, queer storytelling, subcultures, and weird internet trends. You can reach her at maighdlin.mahoney@torontomu.ca.

Anthony Milton, Features Editor 
Anthony edits our stories and helps manage the production schedule for our team. He is currently a freelancer for Toronto Life and is a research assistant for TMU’s Explanatory Journalism Uptake Project (XJO). Anthony is interested in writing long-form essays and features on culture, politics, and science. You can reach him at anthony.milton@torontomu.ca.

Aloysius Wong, Digital Editor
Aloysius develops and manages theotter.ca and photographed our beautiful team. He has previously worked as an associate producer for the CBC Radio program As It Happens, and has written for America Magazine, The Green Line, and The Mike. He’s fascinated by everything from science and technology to politics and labour issues. You can reach him at aloysius.wong@torontomu.ca.

Katrina McGaughey, Co-Art Director
Katrina helps oversee the design and presentation of all written and digital content for The Otter. She has worked as an editorial intern at FASHION, and has written for The Eyeopener. She has a background in the fashion industry, as well photography and filmmaking, and is currently interested in writing about pop culture and trend forecasting. You can reach her at kmcgaughey@torontomu.ca.

Chiara Greco, Art Director
Chiara oversees the design and presentation of all written and digital content for The Otter. She also edits the newsletter. She currently works at CBC’s Cross Country Checkup as a production assistant. Previously, she was editor-in-chief for The Mike and has worked as a national news intern at The Globe and Mail. Chiara is interested in writing stories about health, social issues, and feminism. You can reach her at chiara.greco@torontomu.ca.

Carly Penrose, Head of Research
Carly spearheads the magazine’s research and fact-checking process. She has previously worked as an intern at The National Post, has written for This Magazine, and currently works at The Local News Data Hub. Carly is interested in investigative journalism, education, mental health, and nutrition reporting. She’s a fan of character-driven stories, and anything that can make her laugh. You can reach her at carly.penrose@torontomu.ca.

Julia Candido, Communications Coordinator
Julia fosters relationships between The Otter and its community partners, and also coordinates all of our events. Julia is a junior segment producer for CTV Your Morning. She is interested in pursuing broadcast journalism. You can reach her at julia.candido@torontomu.ca.

Maya Abramson, Social Media Coordinator
Maya connects with readers through our social media channels. Previously, she has worked as an intern at The Agenda with Steve Paikin at TVO, and was the executive editor for the Bull & Bear as a student in Montreal. In her free time, Maya enjoys Broadway, the Blue Jays, and books. You can reach her at maya.abramson@torontomu.ca.

Brit Weaver, Partnerships Director
Brit connects with emerging journalists across the world to find your next favourite writers. She is currently a producer at The Agenda with Steve Paikin at TVO and has also produced with CBC’s Cross Country Checkup. Brit loves books, current affairs, politics, and visiting art galleries. You can reach her at brittany.weaver@torontomu.ca.

Emily Clare Elliott, Chief Copy Editor
Emily ensures that our stories are clear to readers and free from any typographical errors. She started her journalism career as a staff writer for the The Journal at Queen’s University. During her internship at Kingstonist News she discovered her passion for local news. Her topics of interest range from social justice issues to feel-good features, and everything in between. You can reach her at e3elliott@torontomu.ca.

We would also like to recognize the following people who support The Otter and make all this possible:

Founder and Instructor: Bill Reynolds

Publisher: Ravindra Mohabeer, Toronto Metropolitan University School of Journalism

Consultants: Carine Abouseif (The Walrus), Jowita Bydlowska (TMU), Erica Lenti (Chatelaine), Eternity Martis (TMU), Angela Misri (TMU), Luc Rinaldi (Toronto Life)

Legal: Ryder Gilliland